Thursday, June 22, 2017

~Summer with Serenity~ Wk 1 Weds

Continuing in our library week theme, weds was spent playing with fuzzy creatures and reading more books. After that we took a little detour to a fun military family event.

~Summer with Serenity~ Wk 1 Tuesday

Today we had another fun event planned at the library. Keeping this week calm and still trying to kick a summer cold while embracing the summer time feeling is tough. Let me sum up what we did today. ;)

Monday, June 19, 2017

~Summer with Serenity~ Wk 1 Monday

The first days of freedom...the late mornings dozing instead of hustling to the bus. You eat, sleep, and laze about as you wish. What a relief. By now (with all my summer blog posts over the years) its pretty clear that I do not sit still during summer break. I have to do something fun with the kid. Have to engage her or else risk the boredom hitting her and the non stop complaining. The onslaught of noise she then directs towards me. Dear old mom can not take it! So Week one is off and a little cold isn't keeping us down.

Summer 2017 Week 1: Chill time with libraries and delights.


We went to the library to play with puzzles and ended up seeing two school friends! Its the place to be it seems. Our library also has a summer reading program and Serenity earned a free book by logging 5 books read. The book she chose is called City of Ember. She read it in class this year but loved it so much she had to get a copy of her very own. The puzzles were a nice calm activity for her and I to work on together. Really enjoyed the quiet activity.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Every now and then I get this urge to drink a whole bottle of wine and then blast the internet with my feels. I'm not an ordinary mom...I love many things in this world. Many cultures, music, food, alcohols, and people. Obviously not case you did not know I am a unicorn in that respect. I have only ever been with my husband romantically. I had a few child hood romances but nothing "real". I met my husband at 18 and it was one of those moments where you just "know".

Friday, February 17, 2017

Wine it worth it?

For Valentine's Day my hubby was sweet enough to indulge me in something that really matters to me.He got me something that I love and He indulged me in wine. Now I can have that glass that makes the day feel better everyday. OK not everyday...every other day ha ha. Back to the point...he got me a subscription through a company online called Winc. You sign up and can get them to select, or as I prefer you select, several bottles of wine for a decent fee and they ship it to your home in a timely manner. I think the costs are appropriate and fair. The wines look beautiful and are carefully selected. I have yet to drink them due to how pretty they are and due to the fact that I chose to drink my big bottle of sake instead! :) I will slowly get to them and write up a review for each but for now here is what I was sent.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wine Night

Many nights I am preoccupied with being a good mother, wife and person. Many nights I am preoccupied with doing what I have to do...getting things accomplished. Some nights I just want to let my hair down and say fuck it. What is "have to" what is "supposed to" We are human...we are alive...and we are all different people with different wants, desires, and goals. Who cares if dishes or laundry are left undone...who cares if you did anything but we look internally for self worth and identify what is important We do...We judge ourselves. we say no I need to do this and this and that and whatever in order to be the best "person" we can be but really no one gives a shit what you do....but you. 

I mean if you shared this with others judgement would happen yes...but without knowledge of something there is no one to judge..that is why we are all shocked when the perfect mom next door does something awful...we never knew that "Sally" or "Mary" had that kind of personality or bad judgement we say after finding out they did something "publicly" scrutinized that they are horrible. In private we are ourselves and we are imperfect...and that is OK. As long as we love, are loyal, and are as responsible as we need to be. There is a line. Don't break the law, don't act too selfishly or with cruel intent. Don't hurt others. But it is live...and learn. It is OK to make mistakes. It is OK to do stupid is OK to be human... 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mom-ing in 2016 part 1

Being a mom in 2016 is like having a delicate little butterfly and putting it in a box with holes in it. You are afraid. You are afraid of the outside world influencing this small fragile creature. afraid that the thing you love most will be hurt or changed by the big bad "unknown". Why? Because the media, social and world wide alike, tells you that horrible things will happen if you give any freedom to your "butterfly". They will be kidnapped, attacked, killed. They will get lost or be forever changed.