Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wine Night

Many nights I am preoccupied with being a good mother, wife and person. Many nights I am preoccupied with doing what I have to do...getting things accomplished. Some nights I just want to let my hair down and say fuck it. What is "have to" what is "supposed to" We are human...we are alive...and we are all different people with different wants, desires, and goals. Who cares if dishes or laundry are left undone...who cares if you did anything but we look internally for self worth and identify what is important We do...We judge ourselves. we say no I need to do this and this and that and whatever in order to be the best "person" we can be but really no one gives a shit what you do....but you. 

I mean if you shared this with others judgement would happen yes...but without knowledge of something there is no one to judge..that is why we are all shocked when the perfect mom next door does something awful...we never knew that "Sally" or "Mary" had that kind of personality or bad judgement we say after finding out they did something "publicly" scrutinized that they are horrible. In private we are ourselves and we are imperfect...and that is OK. As long as we love, are loyal, and are as responsible as we need to be. There is a line. Don't break the law, don't act too selfishly or with cruel intent. Don't hurt others. But it is ok...to live...and learn. It is OK to make mistakes. It is OK to do stupid things...it is OK to be human...