Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Every now and then I get this urge to drink a whole bottle of wine and then blast the internet with my feels. I'm not an ordinary mom...I love many things in this world. Many cultures, music, food, alcohols, and people. Obviously not romantically..in case you did not know I am a unicorn in that respect. I have only ever been with my husband romantically. I had a few child hood romances but nothing "real". I met my husband at 18 and it was one of those moments where you just "know".

I'm lucky I guess. I know quite a few people who struggled and still struggle to find the love of their life. I found mine so early..it is hard to not feel guilty at times. The soul knows when its other half is found. I had a lot of unhappy times in my early years so maybe that is why i was blessed. My soul needed to find its mate. So I did. A big geeky lovey wonderful man. Who let me be me and never doubted us.

Ok back to wine....Cabernet or Chianti..that's my suggestion. Mid week drinking is a risk but at times it is so freeing. You have to live and you have to experience things...

Today's suggestions for moms or ladies who need something new...Kpop, food, and Korean variety shows

KPOP is not new...Psy is well known in the states but often joked about. BTS is a group of young men who pour their heart and soul into what they do so look em up

Korean food = Bulgolgi and kim bap...find it and eat it...trust me

Drama's....well most are over the top which might be nice but my recommendation is for "variety shows" like 2 days 1 night and Running man...fun and entertaining nothing serious...just funny

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